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July 12, 2012
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A/N: I do not own Hetalia or Alfred :3.


You looked nervously around the large ball room. Almost all of the men there were soldiers, about to go off to the war in Europe. Your brother and father were enlisted, so your family was invited to this party.

Music was playing and some couples were dancing, other families were sitting around tables talking, some were sipping drinks and chatting, and then there was you. You were standing off to the side watching everyone else have fun.

You suddenly heard a commotion on the other side of the room, you saw two men arguing over something and a group started forming around them. As you watched and attempted to listen you noticed a blond-haired man sneak out from under the group and back away from it, all the while sniggering.

He caught you watching him and he smiled and winked at you. You felt your cheeks burn and you quickly looked away.

To busy yourself you straightened out your expensive cocktail dress, and picked at your hair, when suddenly you heard a voice in your ear.

"So how are you enjoying yourself, miss?"

You looked up to see the mischievous, blond haired man smiling down at you. He had bright deep blue eyes and he also wore glasses.

"Oh, alright I suppose."

He smiled at you before turning his gaze towards the people dancing, "So may I ask for your name?"

You sighed lightly before replying, "[First and Last Name]"

He nodded, "It fits you. I'm Alfred, by the way. Alfred Jones," He did a mock bow and you involuntary smiled at him.

You both watched at the couples stopped dancing as the song ended before Alfred spoke up, "Well, miss [Last Name], will you honor me with a dance?"

He held out a hand to you and you hesitated for a second before taking it. You both walked out to the middle of the new dancers as a slower song started playing.

You placed your arms on his shoulders and he placed his on your waist before you both started gently moving. He was looking down at you and you stared at his chest, to nervous to look him in the eye.

After a few seconds you finally built up the courage to look up at him and when you did he grinned. His smile was so infectious you couldn't help but smile back.

You could feel your fathers and brothers gaze on you but you didn't care. The whole room could be watching you and you wouldn't care.

"So are you enjoying yourself now?" Alfred suddenly asked you.

"I'd say I'm enjoying myself quite a bit."

Alfred laughed and grinned at you, "Well good. One of the reasons I approached you was because you seems like you could be having a lot more fun."

You looked up questioningly at him, "Doing what?"

He smirked, "Dancing with me!"

You giggled and blushed, "Are you always so smooth with your words?"

"Not all the time, but most of the time."

You tilted your head, "So what were the other reasons?"

He blushed a bit, "Well... I... I guess I thought you were really pretty... But now I can most definitely say that you're beautiful."

You felt your face heat up and you looked away, "Oh, well thank you, Mr Jones..."

"You can call me Alfred! That is, if you want to..."

You smiled and looked back up at him, "Alright, Alfred."

The song stopped and Alfred asked you if you wanted to dance another but you shook your head, so he took your hand and walked you off the dance floor.

"Thank you for dancing with me, miss [Last Name]," Alfred smiled and did another mock bow.

You smiled at him, "You can just call me [Name]."

He grinned at you and then sighed, "It's a shame I'll be leaving next week. I'd really like to take you out."

You blushed and asked him "Where are you going to be sent?"

He put his hands in his pockets and shrugged, "Can't say. I can tell you that's the same place where your dad is going to be."

You both looked at each other before you smiled and asked, "Really?" He smiled back and nodded.

Alfred and you talked for a long while about various subjects, you also found yourself blushing at his complements and laughing at his jokes, even if most of them were bad. It wasn't until an hour later that your father came up and told you it was time to leave.

You both watched your father walk away towards your brother then you turn to face Alfred.

"Alfred, I hope you stay safe over there."

He looked down at you, "I'll try my best. Will you think of me?"

You smiled up at him, "Every day and night."

He grinned and nodded, "I'll be thinking of you."

You look around for your brother and father and spotted your brother saying good-by to another girl, then you turned around and motioned for Alfred to lean down. He did and you quickly kissed him on the cheek.

He shot upright stared at you and you giggled at his now red face and took a few steps back, "Good-night, Mr Jones."

"Good night [Name]."

You turned around and walked towards your brother who was waiting for you by the door. You glanced over you shoulder to see Alfred smiling at you, and you smiled back before leaving through the double doors.

Dream a little dream of me, Alfred.
I wrote this while listening to Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ella Fitzgerald and Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller. It's supposed to be set around sometime in the 1930's so I tried to get an many tiny details as correct as possible, even down to words and ways of speech. :P

Anyway thanks for reading and please comment and fave! :heart:

I do not own Hetalia, or America
Oh and I also don't own You! :3
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Great job, I salute you!!! *salutes*
ubnubgirl96 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Thank you very much! <3 I'm glad you liked it! :3
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